About Us

Gaziantep Training and Youth Association (GEGED) is a non-governmental organization founded by volunteer teachers in Gaziantep in 2007, which wants to strengthen the bridges of solidarity in the field of education, youth, integration and volunteering. With this mission, it establishes international partnerships in Turkey, especially in Europe, and tries to find solutions to local and international problems and needs with the experiences of these partnerships. Changing periods and the emergence of different problems have made GEGED stand out as an innovative non-governmental organization. It aims to raise awareness of the problems and changes that will affect the future of individuals for years, such as the global migrant and refugee crisis, the increase in inequality of opportunity in education, generational change and adaptation of individuals to these generations, and digitalization.

Our Principles & Purpose

-To inform and raise awareness of local individuals in the field of education and youth

-To realize and announce projects for a quality education and future

-To be involved in the projects realized with the cooperation of the European Union & Turkey and to ensure that these projects are carried out with the quality of this cooperation.

-To enable individuals to learn to learn

 -To follow the existing, changing and developing innovations in the world, to adapt to these innovations and to transfer them to our environment.

-To ensure that the awareness of young people is equal to the awareness of young people in other countries

-To increase the global awareness of individuals and to carry out projects for this