Hello! I am Kaan, 21 years old and actively volunteering in GEGED since summer of 2017. Beside my volunteering in GEGED I am also studying English Language and Literature at Osmaniye University. Before I met with GEGED, I was having a basic life as a high school student. After attending my first activity (Conversation Club) with GEGED and meeting new people that are coming from Erasmus project countries, my perspective over daily life has changed drastically. Always seeking to meet new people and going out for new adventures with them.
Hey! I am Memik, 25 years old, from Gaziantep. I have been a local volunteer in Geged since 2014. I graduated from ‘Foreign Trade’, now I am studying ‘Economy’. Before I started Geged, I did not know any language or culture except my own. I had prejudice against people who are from abroad. I was not interested in improving myself or my foreign language before I met GEGED. After I started to work as a local volunteer in Geged, I stopped having prejudice against people from abroad, I started to improve myself and my foreign language. I met many cultures and languages. I improved my competencies in communication, digital skills, and social skills. In 2022 I became 'Eurodesk Contact Point Person' with the experience and learning from Geged. I went another countries to participate in many training courses and projects through Geged. By these project I could make a comparison between my country and other countries. These training courses gave me a wide-range of thinking to criticize many situations in my life.
Hello there! My name is Burak. I am 23 years old. I have been actively volunteering at Geged for about 9 years. Before I met Geged, I was a classic high school student. Then I started to realize that Geged changed my life in every sense. I learned different languages, different cultures and met different people. I increased my self-confidence by participating in activities as a volunteer and facilitator. Through Geged, I participated in many Erasmus+ trainings in Turkey and Europe. Beside these, Geged's activities in the field of music helped me meet with music and put music in the most important places of my life. Geged is a huge and important opportunity for young people. I would like to say special thanks to Geged to offer these opportunities for young people.