"Empowering Youth through Glocalized Social Entrepreneurship in the Euro-Mediterranean Region"

Our project, "Give a Chance! – Glocalizing Youth Work through Social Entrepreneurship in Euro-Med," aims to empower young people to tackle local challenges within their communities while fostering awareness and action on global issues. Across the participating countries – Turkey, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia – pervasive issues such as poverty, youth unemployment, and a lack of entrepreneurial opportunities for the younger generation unite us in a shared mission to address these common concerns.

The theme of Glocalization in Youth Work through Social Entrepreneurship was chosen deliberately. Glocalization challenges simplistic views of globalization as a one-dimensional expansion of territorial scales. Instead, it recognizes the simultaneous rise of continental and global influences alongside the growing significance of local and regional dynamics. By focusing on glocalization, we believe that addressing local challenges will catalyze positive changes at the community level in all partner countries.

This project sheds light on the pressing issues of high youth unemployment and economic exclusion in Turkey, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia. It underscores the urgency of enhancing young people's employability and entrepreneurial skills to effectively tackle these challenges. Through collaborative efforts and a glocal approach, we aspire to not only address these issues locally but also contribute to a broader positive transformation in the participating nations.

Give a Chance!  Workshops

Understanding Glocalization and Social Entrepreneurship

Introduction to the concept of Glocalization.

Exploring how local actions can have global impacts.

Overview of social entrepreneurship as a tool for community development.

Mapping Local Issues and Global Connections

Identifying specific challenges in each participating country (Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia).

Discussing the interconnectedness of local issues on a global scale.

Brainstorming potential solutions and initiatives.

Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development

Building leadership skills among participants.

Fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership for community issues.

Inspiring confidence in taking initiative and driving change.

Entrepreneurship Skills Building

Workshops on basic entrepreneurial skills such as idea generation, business planning, and project management.

Collaborative activities to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving.

Mentorship sessions with successful social entrepreneurs.

Community Engagement and Mobilization

Strategies for effectively engaging local communities in the projects.

Developing outreach plans to involve diverse demographics.

Using social media and other platforms to amplify the impact of initiatives.

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

Promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures within the project.

Facilitating collaborative projects that involve participants from different countries.

Encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Establishing key performance indicators for the projects.

Training participants in monitoring and evaluating the success of their initiatives.

Providing tools for continuous improvement and adaptation.

Showcasing Impact

Creating platforms for participants to share the progress and impact of their projects.

Celebrating successes and learning from challenges.

Showcasing how local actions contribute to global change.




Association is an autonomous, non-governmental youth organization whose main purpose is to empower a new generation of Tunisian leaders by equipping youngsters with a unique set of skills and enabling them to gain a fresh outlook and develop critical thinking. To this end, ASED will provide diverse activities ranging from youth exchanges, seminars, workshops and training sessions tackling sensitive matters that correspond with the interests of our members. These activities are aimed at creating the opportunities in terms of social building and self-development through active engagement in our programs. ASED has been working with various NGOs in different parts of the world, but it has been especially working with interesting networks such as la Francophonie , Erasmus +program, it has taken part in many trainings organized by Salto-Euromed that took place in different parts of Europe. Through our various activities , we try to provide opportunities for Tunisian young people so as to take part in national as well as international mobility youth work activities including training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, voluntary work. We also actively seek to involve more young Tunisians in community life locally, nationally and internationally. We strongly believe that such activities would help Tunisian young people build their personality, enhance their sense of solidarity, sharing, tolerance , acceptance of differences, opennessetc . Our main target is young Tunisians aged between 15 and 30 years. Our main activities are creating clubs in cooperation with various partner organizations dealing with various topics (social, environmental , cultural, etc ) , organizing circles of debate and discussions for young people to discuss current issues having to do with youth interests but also to introduce them to questions like fight against racism , xenophobia and segregation, understanding citizenship and active participation in civil society, culture of peace , democracy, mutual respect of human rights and tolerance. We also organize training sessions and skills


Socio-Cultural Association Verde Sur is an NGO that has been working from Alcalá la Real since 2019 with European youth mobility funds. It is made up of a group of professionals working in the field of youth who would like to create social change, focusing on young people and involving teachers and the educational community in mobility activities, as well as local socio-cultural activities through its offers in different training courses.


Agdz Volunteers is a dynamic youth-led organization committed to empowering young people, enhancing the well-being of women and protecting the environment to yield positive impact in local communities and beyond. We promote community engagement and volunteerism, bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on meaningful projects that create positive change. Our international intercultural exchange projects provide unique opportunities for young people to learn from one another, broaden their horizons, and gain valuable skills and experiences. Our ternary formula of change is at the core of a local change that transcends border.

Vision: A world where empowered young people, thriving communities, and a sustainable environment are the norm.

Mission: Providing youth and women with opportunities for personal and professional growth, and empowering them to become active citizens committed to creating positive change in their communities and beyond in well protected environments .


Kick-Off Planning Activity:

A preliminary gathering to outline the project's scope, goals, and logistics. Participants will engage in collaborative planning to ensure a cohesive and effective implementation of the initiative.

Opening Events:

A formal launch to introduce the project to stakeholders, partners, and the community. Opening events serve to generate awareness, build support, and create a positive momentum for the upcoming activities.

Give a Chance Programme - Mentorship:

Implementation of the mentorship phase where experienced individuals guide and support young participants. This personalized approach aims to nurture skills, provide insights, and foster a sense of empowerment among the youth.

Mid-Term Planning Meeting:

A checkpoint to review progress, address challenges, and fine-tune the project plan as needed. This meeting ensures that the initiative remains on track and adapts to emerging needs.

Kick-Off of Give a Chance Programme:

The official commencement of the Give a Chance Programme, marking the beginning of the hands-on activities and initiatives designed to empower young people and address local challenges.

Local Projects of Young People:

Participants implement projects in their local communities, addressing specific issues identified during the earlier stages. This phase encourages autonomy and community engagement among the youth.

Demo Days:

Showcasing the outcomes of local projects through demonstration events. Demo Days provide an opportunity for participants to share their achievements, learnings, and innovations with the broader community.

Evaluation of Give a Chance Programme:

An assessment of the overall impact and effectiveness of the Give a Chance Programme. Evaluation helps identify successes, areas for improvement, and lessons learned for future initiatives.

Sustain the Change Trainings:

Post-project training sessions focused on equipping participants with skills to sustain the positive changes initiated during the program. This ensures a lasting impact beyond the project's duration.

Closure Events:

Celebratory events to mark the successful completion of the initiative. Closure events acknowledge the efforts of participants, express gratitude to stakeholders, and highlight the project's accomplishments.

Final Evaluation Meeting:

A conclusive evaluation meeting to reflect on the project as a whole, gather feedback, and discuss recommendations for future endeavors. This meeting serves as a platform to consolidate key learnings and assess the project's long-term impact.


In an era marked by dynamic challenges and global interconnectedness, investing in the capacity building of young people emerges as a powerful catalyst for positive change. The "Give a Chance" Project, generously supported by the European Union and spanning the diverse landscapes of Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and Tunisia, is a beacon of hope for 40 young individuals poised to become transformative change-makers in their respective communities. Capacity building is more than acquiring skills; it is a holistic approach that nurtures the talents, knowledge, and leadership potential of individuals. The "Give a Chance" Project recognizes the pivotal role young people play in shaping the future and, through targeted capacity building initiatives, aims to equip them with the tools needed to drive impactful change within their own communities. One unique aspect of the "Give a Chance" Project is its transnational reach. Operating across four countries; Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and Tunisia the initiative creates a collaborative platform for cross-cultural learning and shared experiences. By bringing together young minds from diverse backgrounds, the project fosters a sense of global citizenship and interconnectedness. At the heart of the project is the goal to qualify 40 young individuals as change-makers. Through comprehensive training programs, these emerging leaders will gain valuable insights into community dynamics, social challenges, and effective strategies for sustainable development. The project empowers them not only with knowledge but also with the confidence to implement meaningful activities within their own localities. The training provided through the "Give a Chance" Project is carefully designed to address the specific needs and opportunities of each community. From honing leadership skills to fostering innovative problem-solving, participants undergo a transformative journey that goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on practical applications that can drive real change.


Local projects are essential components of community development, contributing to the well-being and growth of neighborhoods, towns, and cities. These initiatives, often spearheaded by community members or local organizations, address specific needs, foster engagement, and create positive impacts at the grassroots level. Let's explore the significance and characteristics of local projects. Local projects are tailored to the unique needs of a particular community, addressing issues that directly impact residents. These initiatives can encompass a wide range of areas, including education, health, infrastructure, environment, arts and culture, and social services. One key aspect of local projects is their community-driven nature. They often involve active participation from residents, local businesses, and organizations, fostering a sense of ownership and pride within the community. This engagement is vital for the success and sustainability of the project. Local projects contribute to building a strong sense of community identity. By addressing specific challenges or enhancing local assets, these initiatives help create a shared vision for the future and strengthen social ties among residents. In addition to improving the quality of life for community members, local projects can also have economic benefits. They may stimulate local economies by creating job opportunities, attracting investments, and enhancing the overall attractiveness of the area. Local projects often leverage the knowledge, skills, and resources available within the community. This localized approach ensures that the solutions proposed are contextually relevant and sustainable in the long run. Examples of local projects include community gardens, neighborhood clean-up initiatives, educational programs, local art installations, infrastructure improvements, and social welfare programs. The diversity of these projects reflects the multifaceted nature of community needs. Successful local projects often rely on effective collaboration and partnerships. Local governments, non-profit organizations, businesses, and residents can work together to pool resources, share expertise, and maximize the impact of the initiatives.


In the dynamic Euro-Med region, the "Give A Chance" Project, generously supported by the European Union, stands as a catalyst for transformative change. This initiative goes beyond empowering young individuals; it plays a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of social entrepreneurshi a force with the potential to drive sustainable development and positive societal impact. The core of the "Give A Chance" Project lies in recognizing social entrepreneurship as a powerful vehicle for positive change. This innovative approach merges business acumen with a profound sense of social responsibility. Through the initiative, young participants are provided with a platform to explore and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, unlocking their potential to address pressing social challenges in the Euro-Med region. Fostering an innovative culture is a key aspect of the project. Social entrepreneurship thrives on innovation, and the "Give A Chance" Project actively cultivates a culture that encourages fresh ideas and creative solutions. Tailored training programs and mentorship initiatives empower participants with the skills and mindset necessary to develop innovative projects that cater to specific societal needs in their respective communities. A distinctive feature of the "Give A Chance" Project is its transnational reach, spanning Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and Tunisia. This cross-border collaboration enhances the diversity of perspectives and creates valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange. Participants benefit from sharing experiences, gaining insights into different social contexts, and navigating the entrepreneurial landscapes of varied regions. At the core of the project lies the empowerment of young individuals to become change-makers through social entrepreneurship. "Give A Chance" equips participants with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to transform their ideas into impactful ventures. The initiative is dedicated to nurturing a generation of entrepreneurs who are not only profit-driven but are deeply committed to addressing societal challenges and driving positive change in their communities. In conclusion, the "Give A Chance" Project is not just about empowering individuals; it's about igniting a spark of social entrepreneurship that has the potential to create a lasting and meaningful impact across the Euro-Med region. Through innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to positive change, this initiative is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future shaped by the entrepreneurial spirit of its participants. 

Give A Chance Kick Off Meeting, December 2023, Gaziantep, Türkiye